Hi!  I'm Maggie, and welcome to my page!  That's me up there on the right when I was just a pup.  That's my sister, Calli, next to me.  I will be sharing lots of tails here about my life...the troubles I cause, my brothers and sisters, and my wonderful mom and dad!

These are my older sisters, Bianca and Annie.

This is my mom holding Bianca.  I am so lucky she decided to adopt me and my sister, Calli.  She is a loving and caring person who works hard to take care of all of us!  She loves to sew and make things for other dogs like me, as well as those silly ol' cats.  Make sure to check the pretty things she has for sell!
This is Sassy...she lives here, too!  She's showing off one of those cat toys my mom likes to make.

 That's my dad, holding one of four wild kittens my mom found along with their mama cat.  He tamed all the kitties, while my mom took them and their mama to the vet (she wouldn't tell me why, but I'm pretty sure I know what for...ouch!) and then my mom found good homes for them.  She decided to keep one of the kittens as well as the mama kitty!

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