Sunday, February 2, 2014

Kind of Down right now

 I am actually kind of down in the dumps right now but trying to stay positive that things will get better real soon. The weather is bad this house is bad and stuff is kind of stacked everywhere and a lot of bins are out in COLD and DRAFTY garage that also has no electric which makes it hard to do much or find things when needed. I am counting the days until summer gets here and maybe my dogs can get some exersize and I can have a HUGE garage sale and start looking for a new home for us and our furbabies.
I have not been blogging much because I really don't have any good news but will try and get back soon with some kind of news. Thank you for visiting my blog and come back soon to visit

Monday, December 2, 2013


I will be having a special in my blof from now until Dec 15th and am offering 10% off my already low prices for all my blogger friends and their Furry Friends. You can email me through here to purchase or with questions. I will combine purchases and shipping from this blog and my Hugginshaven blog't forget to be kind to your Furbabies..They are the most Loyal friends you will ever have.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

We are finally moved..was a long ordeal and a lot of work but we are finally residents of WI. Have been unpacking and organizing and making piles in garage with everything and have most of my hand made items organized in garage. The only problem is there is NO room in the house for my hand made items or my ebay items so might take a little longer to get things back up and running. Still have a way to go with 2 rooms but should be done by the end of this week.
Animals all seem happy now but is kind of a shock to them to see people walking in front of the house since they have lived rural for so long. Hope to get a fence up before the ground freezes to dig for posts so they can run and get some exersize.
Come back and check me out again soon and I will try and get more items listed soon. Thanks for stopping by and see you again soon

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Moving this week end (26th)

I will be moving this week end and will be back with new listings as soon as computer is back up and running so stay tuned and come back again soon :)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Big Show next Saturday the 28th

I will be setting up at a Craft fair outside in the parking lot of a grocery store next Saturday, so hoping we will have nice weather that day. I have heard good reports about this place, so hopefully I will do well. I will be listing more items on here after the show and then will get busy making more items for another show on Oct 12th in the town I live in. It will be outside right on the main road that goes to a big, Tourist Trap town where tons of people visit. I think that is how the little towns along the way there survive. If you take Credit Cards you will do even better so of course I have the little thing that you connect to your cell phone and it worked good. I tried it and money was in there the next Day.
I have found a place with rescue Dogs that needs help, so whatever I sell at the show or from this blog will be put to good use.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Welcome To My New Blog!

I have always been one to be kind and helping to all fur babies, especially dogs and cats, although I have been known to have helped a few farm animals along the way, as well.  It was always a goal for me that when we retired I would rescue as many fur babies that society would allow.  I have tried to the best of my ability to live up to that goal!  I do have friends and contacts out there that have stepped in and helped when I couldn't (mostly rescuing dogs that had been mistreated).  After raising eight sons and a daughter (all of whom are under new management now), I have found that my fur babies help fill the void of not being needed as much by my children.  My own pets are all well fed and go to the vet for all things necessary (I think even more so than we); and I am constantly doing research to learn more ways for dogs and cats to live a better life.  They are the most loyal friends you will ever have!  I still remember the day I got each and every one of them. I also remember the day some of them went to Pet Heaven; and I even have some nice containers which hold ashes from some of them, sitting on a shelf never to be forgotten.

Needless to say it is my goal to help every fur baby that I can to lead a better life, and that is my main purpose for this blog.  I will be selling my handmade dog and cat items here, using the proceeds to continue in my efforts to help the cats and dogs who cannot help themselves.  I will also use this site to continue to promote my hand published cook book which I have been using the proceeds from for over 22 years now for this purpose. There are many caring people out there whom I have never met but who have made donations at times to help me achieve my goals.  I greatly appreciate these wonderful people and thank each and every one of them for their help and generosity!  I am happier and can sleep better at nights knowing I did the best I could to help a fur baby have a better life.

Please take a look at the many pet related items I am offering for sale by clicking on the different categories above.  Also, be sure to check out Maggie's page to keep up with what is going on around our home and to read her stories.  Thanks so much for dropping by today.  Hope you will come back soon!