Saturday, September 21, 2013

Big Show next Saturday the 28th

I will be setting up at a Craft fair outside in the parking lot of a grocery store next Saturday, so hoping we will have nice weather that day. I have heard good reports about this place, so hopefully I will do well. I will be listing more items on here after the show and then will get busy making more items for another show on Oct 12th in the town I live in. It will be outside right on the main road that goes to a big, Tourist Trap town where tons of people visit. I think that is how the little towns along the way there survive. If you take Credit Cards you will do even better so of course I have the little thing that you connect to your cell phone and it worked good. I tried it and money was in there the next Day.
I have found a place with rescue Dogs that needs help, so whatever I sell at the show or from this blog will be put to good use.

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